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Diafani, Karpathos

Karpathos is one of the southernmost islands of the Aegean. It lies close to Crete where we find many features like tradition and hospitality.

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Diafani is beautiful traditional fish village..

The island of Karpathos prevails amongst the Dodecanesian complex due to its authentic pure natural beauty, its untouched flora and the deep blue crystal clear beaches and bays. People of Karpathos have invested in tourism and accommodations thus being loyal to their abundant cultural heritage, which you can spectate at the numerous cultural events carried out through out the year, where people dress up with their traditional costumes passing on their tradition to the next generations. Be sure that you will be amazed by the most authentic expression of the world known Greek Hospitality! Karpathos consists of 10 villages with a total population of 6,000 people all loyal to tradition and hospitality.

Karpathos port
From the port of Piraeus there are regular ferries to the port of Karpathos and the route with stops at other islands takes about 15 hours. even closing your ferry tickets  your trip will be more comfortable and carefree. Karpathos there are two ports that serve several ferries. Diafani is the small port while Wells large and main port. Diafani is a coastal village with small houses and many fishing boats. Pigadia is the capital of the island has the ancient citadel of Karpathos is located on a large rock in the harbor. Pigadia is a modern city with rich tourist infrastructure and all amenities for visitors.

Links to other ports
The Karpathos has ferry connection with the following ports: Piraeus, Anafi, Chalki, Heraklion (Crete), Karpathos (Diafani), Kasos, Milos, Rhodes, Santorini, Sitia (Crete).

Going south on Karpathos (7km) find Diafani.
It is a small fishing village which is seaport of Olympus. It's a great place for a quiet holiday in a beautiful environment that offers good food and fresh fish in the seaside taverns.

Access to the island is both plane and boat. From Piraeus, Crete and Rhodes with four weekly services. Also there is daily communication with the capital of Karpathos (Pigadia) by boat.

You can be reached at Karpathos and not go to Olympus. Some describe him as the most beautiful settlement of the country ... and probably not wrong. To get here means that you have to climb the mountain! It is built on a spot inaccessible because of pirates and life here flows at a different rate. Here everyday life has its own rules ... people live in a way very different from the usual. A visit to this place will reward you ...

Here in Karpathos, and especially Olympos, each house looks like folklore museum. You will see unique costumes which in many cases still wear today, especially woodcuts and significantly handiwork.

Enjoy Karpathos
Karpathos has nothing to be jealous of other cosmopolitan islands as it has many bars and clubs. Karpathos will experience an unforgettable holiday and enjoy every moment so do not wait any longer, now close your ferry tickets.


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